It is our dedication to integrity that drives a business of which we are proud. We believe that as a company we have moral obligations as well as commercial ones. As a company, we are committed to treating others as we would hope to be treated - with honesty, fairness and integrity.


Innovation is at the heart of our business. We strive to continually improve our methods to make them more effective. We are always looking at new ways to achieve maximum impact. We take pride in our differences and embrace the abnormal.


The 216 strive to elevate ourselves to the forefront of marketing in the US. We establish and pursue bold visions to stay ahead of the competition. We work in purposeful, strategic and resourceful ways. We define what is within our control to solve then learn and improve. Real results for our clients – results that enhance brand awareness, create a healthier business and are the foundation from which you can grow your brand.


We are passionate

We are passionate

At The 216, we have a “Passion to Perform”. The trust our clients' place in us is based on our passion as individuals, we each make a difference. That’s why to us at The 216 ‘Passion to Perform’ is more than just a claim, it’s the way we do business.

We are precise

We are precise

As a leading brand, a desire for accuracy, thoroughness and quality runs through our business. We understand issues in depth, this is why we keep things simple and clear. The pursuit of excellence is a cornerstone of who we are and underpins everything we do. This precision assures our clients of stability and guaranteed results.

We are confident

We are confident

Our strong foundations and culture support our confidence in our ability. Our confidence makes us a reliable partner for companies and people with ambitious goals, in business and beyond.



Market Focus

We pride ourselves on our ability and willingness to listen to what the market wants, and we tailor our campaigns to meet specific needs. We put audience engagement at the heart of every client strategy. Through research and insight, we can identify opportunities that will allow your brand to speak in a language that connects to mass audiences and sets you apart from the competition.

Value Delivered

We are committed to delivering value for our clients ensuring massive returns on their investment. We provide tangible and positive change, not just presentations or ideas. We set our standards for performance extremely high. We enhance client capabilities and deliver both competitive advantage and bottom-line impact. We hold ourselves accountable to our value delivered promise by engaging candidly with our clients about the level of value created by our joint efforts.


What we do

The 216 is a start-up marketing company focused on driving real results for all of our clients. We offer live marketing services and reporting tools enabling our clients to take a hands-off approach to their sales and marketing pipeline. We develop effective and superior reporting services and solutions which is enabling us to become a leading powerhouse in the US.

How we do it

At The 216 we feel that marketing success is dependent on finding quality customers, getting this right is the key to providing longevity and stability when outsourcing marketing. We guarantee our clients excellent results and brand protection due to our impeccable work ethic and driven advertising force. We don’t just acquire customers we find, engage and retain them.